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Tenova to Supply Roll Grinders to Nucor Mills  

5/3/2021 - Nucor Corp. has ordered two Tenova roll grinders for its greenfield plate mill in Kentucky as well as one for its expanding Gallatin sheet mill, Tenova has said. 

According to Tenova, the plate mill will be receiving two heavy-duty combination roll-grinding machines designed to grind both roughing and finishing stand chocked and unchocked work rolls and unchocked backup rolls. 

“This project will add a valuable reference in the field of roll grinding for plate mills, both for the importance of the customer and for further expanding our presence in the region,” said Alfredo Brambilla, vice president of sales for Tenova Pomini. 

Tenova said the grinders will be equipped with an automatic caliper for measuring in-cycle roll alignment, profile, roundness and eccentricity. They also will be equipped with an integrated, on-line surface and subsurface meant to detect cracks and bruises. 

In addition to the plate mill, Tenova said it will be installing a fourth grinder at Nucor’s Gallatin plant as well as upgrading three existing machines there and modernizing an automatic roll loader crane. 

“These three roll grinders will be upgraded this year with a state-of-the-art Pomini automation and operation software, and the addition of a fourth grinder and the modernization of the automatic roll loader crane will increase the roll shop production capacity, witnessing the trust Nucor has in these solutions,” Tenova said.