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SKF, Luleå University of Technology Collaborate on Development of Fossil-Free Steel

11/18/2021 - SKF announced yesterday that they are collaborating with Luleå University of Technology and their CH2ESS initiative to help further the development of fossil-free bearing steel.

Not only will SKF participate in and fund research efforts, but they also will actively contribute to the development of fossil-free bearing steel production.

According to a press release, CH2ESS (Center for Hydrogen Energy Systems Sweden) is a newly established research and knowledge initiative at Luleå University of Technology. Their sole focus is on hydrogen use in industrial processes and energy systems and they work closely with different Swedish industries, the university said.

“Mechanical components are very important to ensure the function and operation in future hydrogen systems. Together with CH2ESS and its partners, we can contribute in designing robust, reliable hydrogen systems, with the lowest possible impact on the environment and on total cost of operation. This will not only benefit Swedish industry, but also global technology development for the future hydrogen economy,” said Victoria Van Camp, president of SKF.

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