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Bighorn Solar Project Dedicated at EVRAZ Rocky Mountain Steel

10/13/2021 - Together with global solar leader Lightsource bp and Xcel Energy, EVRAZ North America today unveiled its new 300-MW Bighorn Solar project, making it the world’s first steel mill to be powered predominantly by solar energy.

Sitting on 1,800 acres on EVRAZ Rocky Mountain Steel’s property in Colorado, Bighorn Solar is the largest on-site solar facility in the U.S. servicing a single customer. The more than 750,000 solar panels that comprise the facility provide nearly all of EVRAZ Rocky Mountain Steel’s electricity demand, enabling the mill to produce some of the world’s greenest steel.
The project was initially announced in 2019 and will support more than 1,000 jobs at the plant.
Lightsource bp, a bp joint venture, owns and operates the solar facility and sells the electricity it generates to Xcel Energy under a 20-year agreement.  According to bp, as part of the agreement, EVRAZ will receive clean, renewable energy from Xcel Energy through 2041.
EVRAZ North America’s chief executive Skip Herald said, “Like bp and Xcel Energy, EVRAZ is committed to reducing emissions and operating more sustainably. As each new acre of solar panels is installed, we find ourselves closer to our goal of making EVRAZ in Pueblo one of the greenest steel facilities in the world. The journey shows what can happen when like-minded companies come together and work across government and industry to promote cleaner energy, cleaner products and more resilient communities. This is an incredible milestone.”
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