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Severstal to Supply Steel for Hyperloop Transport System Prototype

10/15/2021 - The Russian steelmaker announced yesterday it has secured a contract with transport and technology company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc. (HyperloopTT) to supply steel for the development of the first commercial prototype of a hyperloop transportation system.

Hyperloop technology is a public transport system that uses sealed steel pipes with a pressure vacuum that enables capsules inside the pipes to transport passengers at speeds of up to 1,223 km/hour. It is reportedly the most metal-intensive method of transport: 1 km of the hyperloop transportation system requires more than 5,000 metric tons of steel.
According to Severstal, there are potential environmental benefits to the system as well, since the capsules move at the speed of commercial aircrafts without the environmental impact. Analysts estimate that this transportation system globally would reduce CO2 emissions by 143 million metric tons per year. And with renewable energy generated via solar panels installed above the transit line, the hyperloop system is designed to generate more energy than it consumes.
“This project is a striking example of how modern technologies can impact the transportation sector and its effects on the environment. Through our corporate venture activities, Severstal is able to gain access to a wide range of innovative technologies that will prove instrumental in the development of industry and support the global climate agenda,” said Andrey Laptev, director of business development and corporate venture projects at Severstal.
Severstal said it will be the primary supplier of steel for the first 5 km of the prototype.