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Tokyo Steel Grants Final Acceptance of AMI EAF Optimization System

10/19/2021 - AMI Automation announced its SmartFurnace® received final acceptance from Tokyo Steel for its 420-metric-ton, 256-MVA DC electric arc furnace (EAF) at the company’s Tahara works.

According to AMI Automation, the project began in late 2020, and was concluded and accepted in March 2021. Installation of the twin-cathode DC EAF included the DigitARC® PX3 electrode regulator, the SmartARC® electrical energy optimization system and continuous scrap feeding.
The new system enables an increase in power input and a decrease in flicker levels and power-on time.
“The ongoing collaboration with the Tokyo Steel and the AMI installation in this particular EAF, with the complexity not only of the project itself but in a period of worldwide uncertainty, sets a milestone for our company,” Fernando Martinez, vice president of AMI, said. “AMI recognizes and greatly appreciates the strong commitment of Tokyo Steel during this project, and their trust in our technology.”