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Tata Steel Commissions Carbon Capture Plant at Jamshedpur

9/15/2021 - The steelmaker on Tuesday commissioned a 5-metric-ton-per-day carbon capture plant at its Jamshedpur Works, becoming India’s first steel producer to use carbon capture technology to extract CO2 directly from blast furnace gas.

Using an amine-based technology, the captured carbon is made available for reuse on-site and the CO2 is sent back to the facility’s gas network, according to Tata Steel.
“In alignment with the Tata Group’s pioneering values, we have taken this strategic step in our journey towards decarbonization. We will continue our quest to remain an industry leader in sustainability by setting new benchmarks for a better tomorrow,” V. Narendran, chief executive and managing director of Tata Steel, said.
Tata Steel has invested in clean energy initiatives over the past several years and is a member of ResponsibleSteelTM.