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Tata Steel Takes the Hydrogen Route at IJmuiden

9/16/2021 - The steelmaker on Wednesday announced plans to adopt hydrogen steelmaking technologies at its steel works in IJmuiden, Netherlands.

The plan is in line with the company’s target of reducing CO2 emissions by 5 million metric tons a year at IJmuiden by 2030.
“We are very conscious of the steel industry’s responsibility to help meet the global climate targets,” T.V. Narendran, chief executive and managing director of Tata Steel and chairman of Tata Steel Netherlands’ supervisory board, said in a press release.
“By choosing hydrogen as the technology to produce steel in the Netherlands, we want to take an important strategic step in making our steel production more sustainable. We fully support the steps to be taken by the management in IJmuiden. The decarbonization pathway in IJmuiden will also help us chart the future transition roadmap of Tata Steel’s other integrated steelmaking sites.”
The news follows an announcement by Tata Steel Netherlands’ Hans van den Berg late last week, who promised that the steel producer would make significant changes to reduce its carbon emissions.