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U. S. Steel Releases Inaugural DE&I Report

8/10/2022 - United States Steel Corporation has published its first-ever diversity, equity and inclusion report, highlighting the successes the company has had in building a more equitable and representative workforce.

“We’ve made important, measurable progress in our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) strategy execution consistent with our core values associated with safety, trust and respect. We can – and will – continue to do more and be better because our work in this critical area is not done,” said Barry Melnkovic, U. S. Steel senior vice president and chief human resources officer.

“We have developed a multi-year approach to DE&I to guide us into the future, and this report is part of our journey to foster a true ‘Culture of Caring’ with workplaces that work for all employees,” he said.

In the report, U. S. Steel points to its achievement of full pay parity among employees, regardless of gender or ethnicity. It also highlights results of ongoing efforts to recruit a more diverse workforce.

For example, the company said that one of every two employees hired in 2021 identify was diverse, and two of every three interviewees for positions at the director level and above identify were diverse.

“We believe the best talent wins. The steel industry has historically faced underrepresentation of women, people of color, veterans, and people with disabilities. Whether through our supplier diversity program, our recruiting and retention performance, or our customer partnerships, we strive to ensure all employees can see themselves well-reflected in our industry,” the company said in the report.

You can read the full report here.