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AIST Life Member Picked to Lead AISI Automotive Program

6/23/2022 - The American Iron and Steel Institute has named quality assurance expert and AIST Life Member Christopher Kristock to head its automotive program, the trade group has announced. 

In a statement, AISI said Christopher Kristock will succeed John Catterall as vice president. Catterall, who is retiring, has led the automotive program since 2020. 

Kristock is a scientist, manufacturing engineer and quality assurance leader. Since 2014 he has held several positions of responsibility at an automotive metal processor including vice president of quality and technology. Previously, he served as vice president quality and product development at Severstal North America and was co-chairman of its international global technology system.

At AISI, he’ll be responsible for leadership of AISI’s Automotive Applications Council, a group of AISI member steel producers focused on automotive innovation, education and technology transfer activities.

“With the steel and auto industries both focused on the future of mobility, cost-effective mass optimization, sustainability and strong, durable steel structures, Chris’ expertise is a great fit,” said AISI chief executive Kevin Dempsey. 

"His experience in steel production, processing and design for end use will enable him to continue our momentum of incorporating next generation steel grades in electric vehicles and promoting steel’s sustainability in the auto market."