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Danieli Corus Tapped for 880,000-Tons-Per-Year Blast Furnace Complex

5/2/2022 - The project awarded by BMM Ispat will be an expansion of its steel plant in Danapur, Karnataka, India.

The facility currently produces pellets, sponge iron and a variety of long products, according to a press release from Danieli.
The blast furnace will have a working volume of 680 m³ with a design capacity of approximately 2,500 tons of hot metal daily. It will feature a top-charging unit with a compact distributor and dry gas cleaning technology.
Danieli said the furnace will utilize a charge mix of 80% pellets and 20% lump ore, while the pulverized coal injection system will inject up to 250 kg/tHM. It will be outfitted with a third-generation level 2 automation system.