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Our Order Book Is Filling Up, Says Developer of Green Mill Project

5/15/2022 - Although its first heats are at least three years away, the company developing a carbon-neutral steel mill in Sweden said it has pre-sold volumes equal to 60% of its planned initial output. 

According to H2 Green Steel, customers from various sectors already have spoken for 1.5 million metric tons of the plant’s proposed 2.5 million metric tons of annual production. 

“When we launched H2 Green Steel about a year ago, we kicked the transformation of the steel industry into a new gear and other players in the industry have moved up their timelines. We are leading the way, showing that it is possible to transform the carbon-intense steel industry quickly, and others are speeding up and stepping up. This is exactly what we want. On top of that, the feedback from customers has been phenomenal and their long-term commitments are key for us to scale up further,” said H2 Green Steel chief executive Henrik Henriksson.

The H2 Green Steel project was launched in 2020, and the goal is to build a large-scale, green steel mill in northern Sweden. If all goes according to plan, the mill would enter service in 2025 and would employ end-to-end digitalization, electricity from fossil-free sources and green hydrogen instead of coal.
“Customers are putting significant value in the CO2 reductions achieved in the high-quality hot-rolled, cold-rolled and galvanized steel we will deliver to them. It’s amazing to see how fast the sentiment in the market has changed since our introduction a year ago. The demand for green steel by far exceeds what I had expected, and the interest is coming from a broad range of industries. We are already converting this volume into binding long-form agreements with our customers,” said Mark Bula, H2 Green Steel's chief commercial officer.