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Pacific Steel Taps Danieli for Hybrid Micro-Mill

5/6/2022 - The rebar fabricator awarded Danieli a contract for a 380,000-ton-per-year MIDA Hybrid mini-mill to be built in Mojave, Calif., USA.

According to Pacific Steel, the MIDA Hybrid micro-mill will be able to “directly connect to renewable energy sources leveraging an abundance of renewable energy available in California.”
The US$350 million facility, which will produce straight and spooled bar, will help lower CO2 emissions through efficiency, reduced transportation and green energy, the company said.
“We are excited about partnering with Danieli to build one of the cleanest, safest and most efficient steel mills in the world,” said Eric Benson, chairman of the board and chief executive of Pacific Steel Group.
Scrap will be processed through DigiMelter and ladle furnace digital melting and refining units, Danieli said, powered by the Q-One® digital power feeder. QLP-DUE® technology will be utilized along with a single-strand Octocaster, which will feed a rolling mill in endless casting-rolling mode to transform liquid steel into finished products in 10 minutes.
Danieli Automation will provide the power and process control systems and robotics, as well as Q3-Met manufacturing execution system.
The micro-mill is expected to begin commissioning in 2025.