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Pennsylvania Signs On to Hydrogen Hub Effort 

5/17/2022 - Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is backing an initiative that includes United States Steel Corporation to create a hydrogen hub in southwestern Pennsylvania. 

“As governor of Pennsylvania, I have long prioritized energy policy that moves us towards a cleaner energy future, while also creating good-paying energy sector jobs,” Wolf said in a statement Monday.  

“As a national leader in energy and manufacturing with a strong workforce, Pennsylvania is primed for this opportunity to lead the transition to a new energy ecosystem in which fuels like hydrogen play a central role in both our economic success as well as achieving our decarbonization goals.”

U. S. Steel and a number of other companies and public entities are working through an alliance to secure federal funding for such a hydrogen hub. 

The infrastructure bill that was passed last year provides US$8 billion in funding for at least four hubs throughout the U.S. 

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