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The Systems Group to Expand Arkansas Facility

5/2/2022 - The company announced today it is expanding its main fabrication and machine shop in El Dorado, Ark., USA, a move that will add 60 new employees at the facility.

According to a press release from The Systems Group, the company is purchasing 47 acres of land next to its current El Dorado facility and expanding operations to make more Spray-Cooled™ equipment.
“This is an exciting time in the steel industry,” said Lee Morgan, president and owner of The Systems Group. “America is going through a resurgence of bringing manufacturing jobs back to the USA, and our business is benefiting from that. The steel industry is investing in new mills and expansions, and as a result, Systems’ orders are dramatically increasing for our Spray-Cooled equipment, SMAC air cleaners, and our maintenance and construction services. This expansion will help us triple the equipment we currently build in Arkansas.”
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