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Report: Middle East, North Africa Has Potential to Be Green Steel Leader — If It Acts Fast

9/22/2022 - The Middle East and northern Africa (MENA) could be a world leader in green steel production, if it makes prompt investments in renewable energy and green hydrogen, according to a new report from the U.S.-based Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis.

According to the think tank, the region already has much of the steelmaking infrastructure in place, given the dominance of the direct-reduction-electric-arc-furnace (DRI-EAF) route there. 

In fact, the region, produced just 3% of global crude steel but accounted for nearly 46% of the world’s DRI production in 2021, the organization said. 

“Compared to other regions, MENA’s existing DRI-EAF capacity means no extra investment is needed for replacing the base technology. All new investment could be focused on expanding production of green hydrogen among other renewables,” said report author Soroush Basirat. 

“MENA’s knowledge of this specific steel technology is an invaluable asset. This production knowledge, abetted by further work on iron ore beneficiation, pelletizing and DRI plants, is among the most important steel decarbonization pillars, and will greatly assist MENA’s transition,” he added.