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Steelmakers Find Success Is Tied to Employee Training

9/19/2022 - At Badische Stahl Engineering (BSE)’s 7th Steelmaking Symposium, employee training and its impact on a company’s bottom line – or in the case of the steel industry, production capacity -- was front and center.

The event kicked off this morning in Offenburg, Germany, with a lineup of presentations focused on how companies leveraged BSE’s expertise to provide accessible training opportunities for their employees, create leadership development programs, and incentivize their employees to perform more efficiently and safely.
But when it comes to employee incentives, there is no right answer, one attendee offered.
Attendees shared their companies’ takes on incentives and suggested that expectations for incentives be clearly communicated to employees and allow them to share in the value of the company.
More than 180 steelmakers from across the globe gathered to attend the symposium, which affords them the opportunity to network and discuss new projects, shared challenges, and the future of sustainable steelmaking technologies.
In response to a large turnover a decade ago, Gerdau shared its experience of launching a leadership development program that has led to a 46% increase in its total headcount over 2018. The company implemented a global learning strategy that included successor development, reskilling and upskilling its employees.
Beijing Jianlong Heavy Industry Group launched a capacity-building project in cooperation with BSE in 2020 to deepen its corporate culture, implement a lean production transformation, solve the problem of insufficient employee ability and develop a digitalization strategy. In total, 783 online courses were developed for Jianlong’s 30,000 employees.
Adelca, Ecuador’s top long steel producer, entered into a project with BSE in 2014 to help solve its workforce challenges. The company was able to improve productivity by providing their employees with an integrated view of production, shifting from a “firefighting” mentality to one focused on stability, and pushing more responsibility to employees on the floor.