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Primetals Technologies Completes Automation Upgrades at Chinese Plant

2/7/2023 - Primetals Technologies has wrapped up an extensive automation and process optimization project for a Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group Co. (TISCO) plant in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China, the company has said. 

Through the project, which was completed two months ahead of schedule, Primetals Technologies upgraded the level 2 automation systems at 14 steelmaking units across the entire meltshop, seven continuous slab casters, and the raw materials central management system. 

The upgrade allows the entire steelmaking process to be controlled from a central control center, Primetals Technologies said. 

“The upgrade ensures full plant automation, or ‘one-button steelmaking,’ as all systems are connected to the same unified network,” the company said. “The modernization of the level 2 systems makes it possible for TISCO to calculate process parameters even more accurately using modern metallurgical models, which will improve the quality, productivity, and flexibility of TISCO’s production process.”

TISCO’s Taiyuan site is one of the world’s largest steel plants, and, all told, Primetals Technologies upgraded the process optimization software on two electric arc furnaces; three AOD converters; one twin VOD plant; three twin ladle furnaces; two LD converters, including a ladle stirring station; two twin-RH vacuum degassing systems; and seven continuous slab casters.