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Primetals Technologies Tapped for Wire Rod Mill Project

1/17/2023 - A Swiss wire rod mill recently contracted Primetals Technologies to make improvements that will boost production performance, the plant builder has announced. 

In a statement, Primetals Technologies said it will install a new high-speed pinch roll and laying head at AFV Beltrame Stahl Gerlafingen in northwestern Switzerland. 

“This equipment will ... ensure uniform packaging of the coils. By improving coil packaging, the reheating furnace can be fully utilized, and the overall coil can be shortened for ease of transportation,” Primetals Technologies said. 

The scope of work includes new AC motors for the pinch roll and laying head. The motors will be controlled by high-performance, low-voltage variable frequency drives with an active front end rectifier, the company said. 

The wire rod mill produces 600,000 metric tons of coils per year. Start-up is expected this summer.