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Spanish, Polish Mills Start New Sarralle EAFs 

2/1/2023 - Two European steelmakers have started up Sarralle-built electric arc furnaces (EAFs), according to an announcement from the Spain-based engineer and equipment manufacturer. 

According to Sarralle, CELSA Group’s Nervacero plant in Spain and COGNOR Group’s Ferrostal Labedy unit in Poland each are commissioning a furnace. 

Sarralle said the Ferrostal Labedy plant in Gliwice is modernizing its meltshop to increase production of carbon steel and low-alloyed billets from 380,000 metric tons annually to 500,000 metric tons. 

Meanwhile, CELSA Group is replacing a continuous scrap heating shaft furnace with a modern electric arc furnace, Sarralle said. 

“With more than 60 EAFs designed and installed around the world, we can offer to the steel manufacturers a complete range of AC and DC furnaces and the flexibility to use various charge mixtures — scrap, HBI, hot or cold DRI and hot metal — in their melting process,” Sarralle said.