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Primetals Technologies Sees Third of Seven Offgas Cleaning Plants Placed Into Service 

1/10/2023 - Primetals Technologies has started up the third offgas cleaning plant at the Acciaierie D’Italia mill in Taranto, Italy, the plant builder reports. 

In a statement, the company said the cleaning plant, which utilizes its MEROS technology, serves the mill’s sinter plants. A fourth is under construction there and three more are also being built to clean offgases from the No. 2 power plant, Primetals Technologies said. 

“We are very satisfied with the performance of the three implemented MEROS plants. In terms of sustainability, MEROS is a key technology for us, and we look forward to completing the program with the further four MEROS plants,” said Acciaierie d’Italia plant director Alessandro Labile.

Primetals Technologies said the MEROS technology removes almost all potentially harmful substances from offgases.  

“At the site in Taranto, the results speak for themselves: the three implemented MEROS plants are reducing dust emissions from the two sinter plants to less than 3 mg/m3 – significantly below the legal limit of 10 mg. In addition, the dioxin levels are less than 0.01 nanograms/m3, far below the level of 0.15 nanograms required by the Italian law,” the company said.