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SMS group Selected for EAF, Caster Modernization 

3/14/2023 - Bahrain’s SULB Company (BSC) has contracted SMS group to modernize an electric arc furnace and 4-strand billet caster. 

According to SMS group, the project includes installation of a CONDOOR slag door on the 130-ton furnace and a rebuild of the caster’s No. 1 segment. The rebuild entails a new spray cooling system, water deflectors, a new hydraulic system and an expanded steam extraction system.

SMS group said the slag door will improve the furnace seal, increase productivity and also enhance the safety of furnace personnel. Meanwhile, the caster work will enhance production flexibility and allow the steelmaker to better respond to market changes. 

“The main motivation for this project is to increase the safety and to enhance the efficiency and productivity. That will make ultimately lead to an upgraded quality of the products possible,” SMS group said in a statement. 

The project is to conclude in 2024.