Steel News

Texas Port Lands Pipe, Tube Mill

5/24/2023 - Mexico’s Forza Steel is opening a 240,000-metric-ton pipe and tube mill at the Port of Brownsville in Texas, according to announcement from port officials. 

According to the port, the US$60 million rolling operation will produce products for the automotive, construction, and oil and gas industries. It plans to ship in 260,000 metric tons of steel annually. 

“The Port of Brownsville is the perfect location for Forza Steel’s entry into the American market. The location from Monterrey to Brownsville is ideal,” said Isidro Cantu, general manager for Forza Steel USA. “Forza Steel is very excited to be part of the Brownsville community and grow.”

The port said the Forza plant will create 150 direct jobs and 450 indirect jobs and is the latest steel operation to set up shop there.

“We are excited to expand our role in the steel industry as a major gateway for steel in both Mexico and the United States,” said Port of Brownsville director and chief executive Eduardo A. Campirano. “Our multimodal logistics allow companies to optimize the movement of goods via rail, truck and water to save time and money.”