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BlueScope Steel Selects Danieli Technology for Decarbonization Project

11/20/2023 - BlueScope Steel’s New Zealand Steel has ordered a Danieli Digimelter furnace as part of its plans to reduce its CO2 emissions. 

According to Danieli, the Digimelter will replace a Klockner oxygen-blown Maxhutte (KOBM) converter. 

“The Danieli Digimelter is designed to operate with significant amounts of hot metal, as well as the future utilization of hot briquetted iron (HBI), guaranteeing full flexibility for the use of raw materials and guaranteeing the conditions required for the existing secondary metallurgy stations,” Danieli said. 

The new unit will feature an endless scrap-charging and pre-heating system and the hybrid-ready Q-One power feeder, which allow for the direct use of renewably generated electricity. The order also includes  a new fume treatment plant. 

The furnace is to enter service in 2026.