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SMS group Subsidiary to Implement Energy Management Solution at Thai Mill

7/10/2024 - Thai structural steel producer Siam Yamato Steel Co. Ltd. has entered into a partnership with SMS group’s Brazilian subsidiary Vetta to implement Vetta’s energy management solution at Yamato’s production facilities in Rayong province.

According to SMS group, the solution, Viridis Performance, will help optimize energy consumption, improve operational efficiency, and reduce the steelmaker’s environmental impact. The technology uses advanced AI models to analyze large quantities of real-time data, optimizing the production process, and reducing energy consumption without compromising production capacity, SMS group said.

“Viridis Performance is a true example of technology convergence as it utilizes advanced digital algorithms and mathematical modeling with SMS’s proven domain expertise, to ensure steel melt shops operate at optimum levels, where energy cost is critical to the entire steelmaking process,” said Bernhard Steenken, SMS group’s chief sales officer for the Indian and Asian Pacific regions.
The Viridis Performance system will provide real-time monitoring of variables and parameters critical to energy consumption, such as electricity and natural gas. Innovative dashboards, custom-designed for the steelmaker, will display real-time data against reference targets, enabling operators to respond promptly to any deviations with specific instructions tailored to 
various production contexts.