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Tata Steel Brings Scrap-Based Product to Market

7/10/2024 - Tata Steel’s Dutch mill has begun selling a branded scrap-based steel called Zeremis Recycled, the company reports.

According to Tata Steel, Zeremis Recycled has a scrap content of 30%.

“We believe that together with our customers, we can make meaningful strides toward more sustainable production today. We are proud to introduce Zeremis Recycled to those who want to advance circularity and enhance the value retention of steel,” said Tom Eussen, member of the Tata Steel Nederland management board and managing director of Tata Steel IJmuiden.

“Steel has a very long life cycle in which it remains in use for a long time and is reused for generations. In the quest for improved circularity, it is crucial that steel retains its value with every use,” Eussen said. “As we believe circularity and high-quality steel can go hand in hand, our focus is on value retention and preventing scrap downcycling. We see significant potential to achieve this through our existing asset configuration and, from 2030 onward, through our direct reduction plant–electric arc furnace (DRP-EAF) combination, which will ensure that scrap returns as advanced steels meeting the quality standards set by our customers.”