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Indian Mill Places Order for Coke Oven Gas Injection System

6/6/2024 - Tata Steel’s Meramandali mill has contracted SMS group subsidiary Paul Wurth to install a coke oven gas (COG) injection system on the No. 1 blast furnace. 

According to SMS group, the system will be the first of its kind in India, a milestone for the company and a precedent for the Indian steel industry’s move toward sustainability. 

“Paul Wurth COG injection technology is a breakthrough innovation that aims to reduce the coke rate and consequently the carbon footprint of the blast furnace operation,” SMS group said in a statement.  

“By utilizing the chemical potential of COG, the process can save around 0.65 kg of coke for each kilogram of COG injected, which considerably reduces the OPEX cost and significantly improves the CO2 footprint. Paul Wurth’s COG injection technology is designed to ensure the safe and reliable injection of the highly toxic and explosive COG into the blast furnace through the tuyeres using specialized lances.”

SMS group’s scope of supply includes plant engineering and all of the process equipment — compressor station, electrics and automation. Commissioning is set for the first quarter of 2026. 

“The implementation of this technology is not only a record-setting achievement for India but also a strategic move toward meeting the country's goal of net zero by 2070. As we lay the groundwork for a greener future, this collaboration with SMS group is not just a milestone for us but a beacon for the entire Indian steel industry,” said Subodh Pandey, Tata Steel Meramandali vice president for operations.

“By adopting cutting-edge technologies like COG injection, we are not only reducing our carbon footprint but also setting a new standard in environmental stewardship while enhancing our operational efficiency and competitiveness in the global market.”