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Steel News is an online publication created by the Association for Iron and Steel Technology (AIST) for the steel community featuring the latest headlines about steel producers, suppliers, technology, trade, environmental and safety issues. Our goal is to provide the steel industry with an array of headlines and a comprehensive archive system dating from 2006 to present.

Primary content for this website comes from news releases supplied by steel producers and industry suppliers. If you would like to get news coverage started for your company, please email to submit a news release for consideration.

We welcome your comments, suggestions, questions and concerns. Your feedback will drive the future content of this news site.

The Process section has the latest headlines related to the steel production processes, from the production of coke and iron (including blast furnaces, coke production and alternate iron processes) to EAF (electric arc furnace) and BOF (basic oxygen furnace) steelmaking and casting through the rolling and finishing processes. The flat rolling page includes hot strip mill and plate rolling news; the tubular page includes seamless and welded pipe, tube and OCTG rolling and finishing processes; and the long products page includes bar, rod, wire and structural rolling and finishing processes. Finishing processes are included in the cold rolling page (with cold rolling mills, skinpass rolling and related processes) and the process lines page (galvanizing, tinning, coating, blanking and all other types of process lines).

Other pages of interest to steel producers includes the Safety page with news and information on steel industry safety, health and related topics; the Environment and Sustainability pages with coverage of steel industry environmental and sustainability issues; and the R&D section with news related to the latest in research and development in the iron and steel industry.

The Producers pages provide the most recent headlines for steel and raw materials producers in North America and around the world. The Pipe and Tube page includes headlines from producers of both seamless and welded pipe.

Steel service centers and steel processors serve as a link between steel producers and manufacturers, processing and inventorying steel in specific sizes, shapes and grades. The Service Centers page helps you stay in touch with the latest news in this valuable part of the steel supply chain.

The Industry Suppliers pages provide the most recent headlines from companies supplying equipment, products and/or services to the iron and steel industry.

The Industry Groups page has the most latest headlines from professional associations and other groups involved in the steel industry.

The Industry news pages include headlines about: Personnel promotions and changes in the industry; industry-related Awards received by companies and individuals; the latest happenings in iron- and steel-related Trade Cases; the latest Import and Export and World Production news and statistics; and the current State of the Industry and end markets affecting the demand for steel.

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Primary content for this website is derived from news releases from steel producers and industry suppliers. If you are interested in submitting a news release for consideration, please email AIST’s industry news editor, Laura Miller, at

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