The Story of Steel

In an ever-changing world, steel continues to prove its importance. Whether you are an expert or new to the industry, the story of steel is remarkable, even as it continues to evolve and educate.

Please take advantage of the following resources to further increase your knowledge on the significance of the steel industry.

Sustainable Steel

This publication features the steel industry's performance on 8 sustainability indicators for the period 2012-2013-2014.

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Steel and You: The Life of Steel

Did you know steel is 100% recyclable? This IISI publication, 'Steel and You: The Life of Steel' looks at steel use in aspects of daily life.

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WSA: The Steel Story

The steel story is the history of development. This timeline takes you through the early use of steel, the industrial revolution and the invention of the Bessemer process — through the high-tech applications of the present.

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Steel City

Steel is essential for modern cities. Steel is central to transport systems, sports facilities, energy supply, housing, manufacturing, improving our lives and creating jobs.

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