Students & Faculty

Faculty Grants and Programs

The AIST Foundation awards grants on an annual basis to increase the number of engineering faculty with a vested interest in the iron and steel industry, and to increase the number of engineering students electing to pursue careers in the iron and steel industry.


Digital Transformation Technologies Grant

This grant was established in 2019 to challenge North American university teams (graduate and undergraduate students and professors) from engineering departments (materials science, robotics, electrical, computer applications, mechanical) to submit proposals for grant funding in the theme area of a digital technology challenge (machine learning, big data, simulation, augmented reality, cloud computing, additive manufacturing, system integration, autonomous robotics, industrial internet of things, cybersecurity) within the steel manufacturing industry. 

Kent D. Peaslee Junior Faculty Award

The AIST Foundation Kent D. Peaslee Junior Faculty Award, open to all technical engineering disciplines, will assist junior faculty in building their research and professional service activities towards obtaining tenure.

Steel Professor

The AIST Foundation Steel Professor is open to professors who have received and have successfully completed three years of the Kent D. Peaslee Junior Faculty Award. The purpose of this award is to maintain a formal link to our past recipients and their universities, and to encourage their continued engagement with the steel industry.

Steel Curriculum Development Grant

The purpose of the Steel Curriculum Development Grant provides funding to develop, enhance or update steel-related industry curriculum.

Don B. Daily Safety Grant

The Don B. Daily Safety Grant provides an opportunity for North American university teams (students and professors) to submit proposals in the theme area of safety and health awareness within the steel manufacturing industry.

►Discontinued Grants and Programs

All scholarships and grants are awarded in accordance with AIST Foundation’s policies, which may be amended from time to time, and are subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees.  Scholarships and grants are awarded subject to availability and funding and AIST Foundation reserves the right to withdraw or amend any listed scholarship or grant without prior notification.  Scholarships and grants may be suspended or revoked at any time at the Board’s discretion.  In no event shall the AIST Foundation or the Board of Trustees be liable for any claim or cost associated with suspending or revoking any scholarship or grant.  All decisions by the Board shall be final and may not be appealed.