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The designation of AIST Foundation Steel Professor was established in October 2017 to maintain a formal link to past recipients of the AIST Foundation’s Kent D. Peaslee Junior Faculty Award and their university to encourage continued engagement with the steel industry.


A professor who has received and successfully completed three years of the KDP JFA. An initial application and an annual acceptance form are required. Candidates will be approved by the KDP JFA Committee


Once approved, AIST Foundation Steel Professors will remain in the program for an indefinite period, as determined from time to time by the AIST Foundation Board of Trustees.


The grant funding would cover costs associated with the following guidelines. 

  • Recipients may remain in the program for an indefinite period, as determined from time to time by the Board.

  • Recipients may use the title, “AIST Foundation Steel Professor.”as appropriate.

  • Continue the momentum of the KDP JFA by fostering steel industry interest and AIST Foundation promotion at his or her university through “Steel Day” events, plant tours, research projects, etc.

  • Recipients should encourage students to apply for AIST Foundation Scholarships and Internships. A target of five (5) qualified student applications from each university for the AIST Foundation Steel Intern Scholarship program is desired. The professor securing the most qualified student applications over the target in the given year will receive an additional $5,000..

  • Encourage students to attend AIST programs such as AISTech, MS&T, training conferences and chapter meetings.

  • Attend one UIRR meeting annually.

  • Provide guidance to the KDP JFA selection committee and potential applicants as requested

  • Provide an annual report of steel-related activities for AIST promotional use, including the number of students from his or her university who enter the steel industry

Note: The Foundation would prefer the funding be spent on the students and would forego the annual UIRR attendance requirement if the current funding is insufficient.

Overhead Costs

To ensure the grants funded by the Foundation go directly to the intended purposeit is the policy of the AIST Foundation to not allow overhead costs. The AIST Foundation is a Pennsylvania-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation organized for charitable, education and scientific purposes that seeks to attract technology-oriented professionals to the steel industry by educating the public about the high-tech, diverse and rewarding nature of careers in modern steelmaking. The Foundation receives contributions from industry corporations and individual members of AISTThe AIST Foundation reserves the right to assess grants on a case by case basis to determine the application of this policy.