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Digital Transformation for Steel Manufacturing Grant

Applications for the 2022–2023 academic year will be accepted through 30 June 2022.

Your proposal must provide all the information requested below:
  1. Team Leader: Identify the name(s) of the professor(s), title, the university department, telephone, e-mail, address.
  2. Team Members: Identify names and/or number of students who will be on the team and their respective majors.
  3. Mentor: Identify the name, company, and contact information of your industry mentor.
  4. Proposal Summary: Include project name, date of submission, contact person and information, requested grant amount and schedule duration.
  5. Executive Summary: A statement which clearly defines proposed challenge/solution and how it will improve digital challenges for the steel manufacturing industry.
  6. Project Details: Detailed description of the work and expected project deliverables such as potential models.
  7. Project Schedule: Include a list of anticipated tasks and milestones.
  8. Project Cost: Estimated distribution of total project cost. A portion of the grant may be used as a stipend to the Professor(s) or student(s) as long as such declaration is defined. Any transportation costs for plant visits and project presentation should be included.
  9. Student Participation: List plans for student participation throughout the project including research and specific activities toward building student interest in the steel industry.
  10. Steel Plant Engagement: Include previous faculty and student interaction with the steel industry as well as proposed plans for faculty and student interaction with a steel or steel-related plant.
  11. Project Duration: Clarify if this proposal is for a new project, continuation of a previous effort, or if it is intended to be a multi-year project (limited to two years).
  12. Support and Endorsement: Letter of support from university department head and letter of support from industry mentor.
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It is the responsibility of the submitters to assure that sufficient information is contained in the proposal for reviewers to evaluate the proposal according to the evaluation criteria.

Questions about the grant and/or proposal process should be directed to Lori Wharrey at or +1.724.814.3044.

To ensure the grants funded by the Foundation go directly to the intended purposeit is the policy of the AIST Foundation to not allow overhead costs. The AIST Foundation is a Pennsylvania-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation organized for charitable, education and scientific purposes that seeks to attract technology-oriented professionals to the steel industry by educating the public about the high-tech, diverse and rewarding nature of careers in modern steelmaking. The Foundation receives contributions from industry corporations and individual members of AISTThe AIST Foundation reserves the right to assess grants on a case by case basis to determine the application of this policy.