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Jesse T. Newman - 2017 Steel Intern Scholar

AIST’s Steel Intern Scholarship has provided me with amazing opportunities for which I am truly grateful. The scholarship itself has helped me tremendously by relieving a lot of the financial burden that comes with school today. The peace of mind I have gained from this has given me the ability to study and work with renewed focus, which has been reflected in my grades. The opportunities provided by the internship have also led me to develop a love for the steel industry and to learn more about it on my own. As of this fall, I have held an internship with Steel Dynamics Inc. (SDI) – Roanoke Bar Division for almost three years straight. I’ve been very fortunate to have both my internship and school close enough that I can do both at the same time. It was through my internship that I learned of AIST’s intern scholarship, actually. In my time with SDI, I have worked on a variety of projects including environmental permitting, organizing/conducting employee training, researching and demonstrating inspection/maintenance software, hazardous waste disposal, and writing standard operating procedures for the facility. The experience I have gained in working for SDI has helped me to grow not only professionally and academically, but personally as well. This opportunity has heavily influenced my decisions for the future. Although graduation is a few years away, I now know that want to make a career in industry, with my preference being the steel industry.