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Benjamin Eller - 2018 Steel Intern Scholar

This past summer I was fortunate enough to work at Nucor Steel–Hertford County as the rolling and heat treat metallurgy intern. Being in two different areas, I worked on a variety of projects, which involved gathering and analyzing data as well as running trials. Through my projects, I was able to develop new rolling practices for certain grades to improve mechanical properties, speed up our heat treat process and develop a strength database based on different lab heat treatments. The most challenging part of the internship was constantly keeping up with what was going on in the mill so that when we were running material I was interested in, I could work with the proper teammates to run trials. Overall, it was very rewarding because I got to directly impact our process, meet a lot of great people, and develop my communication and technical skills. I had a great experience with Nucor, and plan to hopefully return to the steel industry as a metallurgist once I graduate.