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Brent Hoggatt - 2018 Don B. Daily Safety Steel Intern

My 2017 and 2018 summer internships have been with Steel Dynamics Inc. (SDI) – Structural and Rail Division in Columbia City, Ind. During my safety internship, I had many smaller projects, but I worked on two primary projects. The first project was updating the new employee safety orientation manual. Essentially, my team and I performed a small renovation to the manual. There were several opportunities throughout the manual to reformat and redesign. For example, some of the quiz questions in the manual needed more clarity, older training information needed improved, and old pictures needed updated.
My second primary project was to update the site’s confined space log. I was tasked with ensuring that all existing log entries were accurate, making sure no confined spaces were unaccounted for, and verifying that all confined spaces had proper signage and labeling. This project involved photographing each confined space, talking with area employees and compiling a significant amount of information. At the end of the project, I developed suggestions for my supervisor on how each individual department should move forward. I really enjoyed this project; it allowed me to get down on the floor and meet with the workers. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to hear how their “piece” fit into the production puzzle and learning more about how the entire process works.
The most challenging part of my internship was being patient when working with others’ busy schedules. In the summer months, it is extremely busy. It was important to be persistent when I needed help. This challenge gave me the opportunity to develop my social, leadership and communication skills.
As a safety intern at SDI, you learn quickly how serious the organization takes safety. When SDI first told me safety is their top priority, it was immediately clear that it wasn’t just lip service. My internships at SDI not only gave me great hands-on experience, but also allowed me to further develop my skills as a safety professional.
I am graduating from the University of Findlay in May 2019 and will seek employment immediately. As of writing this, I have no post-graduate job lined up, but I am excited to enter the workforce full-time and start my career as a safety professional.