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John Isom - 2018 Steel Intern Scholar

I completed an internship this summer at Steel Dynamics Inc. – Flat Roll Group Columbus Division in Columbus, Miss., as a hot mill electrical intern. The main project I was a part of was the installation of a step wedge in one of the mill stands. I was involved in the hands-on installation, aswell as the code changes needed for the installation. I also worked with the electricians on day-to-day maintenance in the mill. The most challenging part of the internship was how much needed to be learned to become a valuable part of the team. This was also a positive, as I never went a day without being exposed to something new. This real-world experience will be valuable as I continue learning in the classroom, because I will be able to see the theory we are learning put into practice in the mill. This internship helped me decide to pursue a career in heavy industry, and hopefully be a part of a rolling operation after graduation.