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Kenneth Stas - 2018 Steel Intern Scholar

I interned at Carpenter Technology in Latrobe, Pa., in the maintenance department for the VIM II, which also covered VAR II furnaces and operations. I helped to improve the preventive maintenance program by completing an alternate schedule used for quick referencing of preventive maintenance jobs. Stemming from this project, I created a job sign-off board to cut down on confusion and increase maintenance reliability. I also developed a similar schedule and sign-off board for the meltshop at Carpenter.
While working for Carpenter, I learned about vacuum melting operations by working with VIM and VAR furnaces. My biggest takeaway from the experience was learning how a complex manufacturing process operates and what variables are involved. Learning this manufacturing process was the most challenging part of the internship.
I was able to gain valuable knowledge that will supplement my school work. I oversaw two shutdown weeks and the scheduling involved to successfully perform a shutdown. By scheduling maintenance jobs, I learned how production flow will be affected and to plan accordingly.
Working in a manufacturing setting as big as Carpenter only has increased my interest. After graduating, I plan to stay in a manufacturing setting.