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Audrie P. Corral – 2019 Steel Internship Scholar

This past summer, I started my co-op at Nucor Steel–Hertford County as a metallurgist. I worked in the meltshop, specifically the caster. My first few weeks were devoted to becoming familiar with both the metallurgical and operational aspects of the caster. Then, I began my project, which involved working with the caster metallurgist to enable this division to produce hydrogen-induced cracking (HIC) resistant steel and we have completed much of the preliminary testing. In the coming months, we plan to run trials of HIC-resistant steel and continue improving our methods for evaluating the centerline.

Although this is my first experience at a steel mill, I have loved my time here and am excited for what is to come. The culture I found is one that emphasizes safety and values teamwork. Working at Nucor has allowed me to apply what I learned in school as well as acquire and develop skills that I would not have learned in a classroom. In addition, Nucor is unique in that I am treated like a full-time metallurgist, not an intern. I am thrilled by the opportunity to work with respected experts on a meaningful project.

I am extremely grateful to AIST for supporting my goal of starting my career as a metallurgist upon graduating Virginia Tech. The steel industry is exciting; I cannot wait to be a part of it.