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Jessica Lyon – 2019 Steel Internship Scholar

This summer I was an intern at Allegheny Technologies Incorporated (ATI) at a finishing plant in their flat rolled products division. I worked in the quality assurance (QA) department where I worked on various projects and completed both coil inspections and department audits to ensure effective operation within our plant. The projects I worked on included analyzing missing customer sensitivity matrices for various products/customers, updating reduction limits for various materials to improve the flow path of a coil, and implementing corrective action at two various units within the plant. While interning with ATI this summer, I gained valuable experience regarding communication, time management and adaptability. These skills will not only help me within my career, but will also help me in the classroom especially when completing homework assignments or group projects. With this internship being my first experience in the steel and special metals industry, this has strengthened my desire to specialize in metallurgy and become a part of the metals industry once I graduate from school.