Students & Faculty

Nikhil Gupta – 2019 Steel Internship Scholar

My internship with Samuel, Son & Co., Ltd. as a project engineering co-op student was an amazing experience! Samuel’s Project Engineering team and structure is unique as they act as an internal consulting team for the company’s steel service centers across North America. I got some great exposure to facilities with cut-to-length lines, blanking lines, pickling lines and packaging lines, as well as material handling challenges at the various sites.

The internal consulting aspect was especially interesting as it meant that every day presented unique challenges associated with each branch. I had to learn how internal resources can be pooled to help other branches within the company, and how there are lots of benefits associated with sharing resources and information between locations. My summer with Samuel really showed me that the challenges in the industry can be hugely varied and there are a lot more complexities to the industry than just the primary production at the steel mills.

I am thankful that Samuel, Son & Co. has provided me this great opportunity to see a side of the steel industry I didn’t know about. I would like to thank the AIST for supporting students who are interested in the steel industry!