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Bryce A. Frederick – 2020 Steel Intern Scholar

I had an amazing experience with the Steel Dynamics Flat Roll Group – Butler Division. I have learned many lessons that I will take with me as I begin my career as a safety professional. This internship was definitely unique to say the least. My supervisors adapted well to the pandemic and still made this experience very beneficial for me.

I started the internship at home due to COVID-19. I worked remotely for the first eight weeks. It was a difficult time but my supervisors and I were able to adapt pretty well. They had to enter potentially significant injury or fatality (PSIF) into PHI, which is our data base where they keep track of all their incidents. My supervisors also allowed me to enroll in various online classes to help broaden my safety knowledge. I was able to complete the confined spaces, fall protection, and NFPA 70E courses through OSHAcademy and OSHA 360.

Once I was able to get onsite the internship really progressed, and I spent a lot of time in the casting department. The casting manager wanted me to put together a series of hazard awareness PowerPoints to show to new hires and contractors who aren’t familiar with the area. I had the opportunity to speak with employees that work in these areas as well as multiple supervisors to get a better understanding of these areas. When I gathered all the information I needed, I went through and took pictures of these hazards or what could potentially be a hazard to add visuals to these PowerPoints. I also spliced together a few videos of incidents that have happened at the caster in hopes that employees will watch it and realize that they need to take their job and safety seriously.

Aside from the casting department, my supervisors had me plan and conduct the annual hands-on fire extinguisher refresher training. I went around from department to department setting up our propane-based device and reiterating the pull, aim, squeeze, sweep (P.A.S.S.) technique for approximately 800 employees.

I couldn’t have asked for a better internship under these circumstances. I have learned a lot about the safety industry and many life lessons, and my supervisors did an excellent job making it a learning and useful experience. I really enjoyed doing meaningful work. I have made many connections here so hopefully we will cross paths again in the future.