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Jamison M. Smith – 2020 Steel Intern Scholar

This summer I got the opportunity to work at Nucor Steel-Berkeley where I worked in the melt shop as a metallurgist intern, specifically at the electric arc furnaces (EAF). This was a valuable experience as it enhanced my knowledge and gave me the opportunity to work on projects for the betterment of the melt shop.

While working in the melt shop, I had two main projects along with day-to-day projects. They were focused on safety improvements along with quality and cost performance improvements. Safety at Nucor is a culture and getting to make safety improvements is a project that every intern and teammate should focus on. I have always enjoyed the hands-on experience that Nucor has provided. Nucor allows their interns to tackle meaningful projects with the guidance of fellow metallurgists and teammates.

I want to thank Nucor Steel-Berkeley along with AIST for the opportunity to grow and develop my career in the steel industry. I am excited for the opportunity to begin my career in the steel industry upon graduation.