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Irenaeus Y.K. Wong – 2021 Steel Intern Scholar

My experience at Hatch, an engineering consulting firm, exposed me to not only what the iron and steel industry had to offer, but also the work essential to advancing it. I was staffed on multiple global steelmaking development projects where I efficiently and sustainably developed technologies. Beyond growth in my technical skillset, I had ample opportunity to enhance my workflow flexibility and communication skills in the field of ferrous metallurgy. Whether I took on a primary support or lead role, my internship continually afforded me the chance to work closely with clients on interesting problems and describe solutions within project parameters.

Given my early expression of interest in sustainability and decarbonization, I was subsequently placed on relevant projects ranging from techno-economic feasibility studies of carbon-free steel production plants, to developing high level process models of carbon-free ironmaking processes and their usage in modern electric arc furnaces. These major projects piqued my interest, as they often involved consultations with over a dozen subject matter experts, specialists and engineers. It was truly a pleasure to collaborate with creative and intelligent individuals on seemingly insurmountable challenges critical to societal well-being.
Steel is a commodity central to the economic, technological and infrastructural development of modern society. It is imperative that the positive environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts of such a universal material reasonably mitigate the negative impacts of its production and use. My time at Hatch empowered me to both contribute to and pursue a more sustainable future with steel.

I would like to thank the Association for Iron & Steel Technology for their extensive help and support in my development as a young professional in the steel industry. Additionally, I would like to thank my peers and mentors at Hatch for whom I am grateful for their patience, kindness and mentorship.