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Leonardo Miguel Tamez Beltran – 2021 Steel Intern Scholar

To work at Tenova HYL has been a full-time learning experience. When I was looking for a steel-related company to do my internship, I had always in mind somewhere where I could learn not only about the basics of the process schema, but from the people as well. Furthermore, to be placed at a company with a strong sustainable-driven purpose makes you feel plenty when you are chilling just before going to bed.
I am fortunate to say that I was able to achieve an internship where I had the big opportunity to work hands-on and day after day with very experienced engineers and teachers to interact with potential suppliers to acquire equipment and technology with them while evaluating and examining their technical offers and guiding the online interactions sessions; to get in deep with the strong thermodynamics, heat transfer, and mass and energy balances; and finally, to strengthen my soft skills and hard skills with my daily activities.

I want to thank Tenova HYL for trusting me with the responsibilities I’ve been given with, which helped me to develop a more robust and ready to go engineer who is not afraid of taking big roles within the steel industry.

I want to specially thank the AIST Foundation for trusting me to be not only a Steel Intern Scholar, but an ambassador of the incredible opportunity that the AIST Foundation Steel Intern Scholarship represents for the upcoming generations of iron and steel passionate engineers, technicians and professionals. Thank you again and until the next time!