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Robert A. Giebel – 2021 Steel Intern Scholar

Over the Summer, I got the unique experience of working for Timken Drives in Fulton, Ill. Timken Drives is a leader in high quality engineered steel chain and auger production. On the shop floor, they perform a variety of cold rolling, heat treating and surface finish processes to optimize steel performance for years to come. Through my time there over the summer, I got to work side by side with the plant metallurgist, monitoring a lot of these processes. Additionally, I got an array of hands-on experience in our steel inspection lab, where I would perform tests and observe sample for hardness, microstructure and various other defects.

With all the data I collected, I was then responsible for producing reports on my findings for customers. Personally, there is no better way for me to learn than to be immersed into the work firsthand. This was exactly what I got to do during this internship, where I continued to build the wealth of knowledge of the steel industry and add to my engineering toolbelt. I am thankful for all the opportunity and support I have received from Timken Drives and AIST this summer!