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Robert M. Marzano – 2021 Steel Intern Scholar

After accepting the internship I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I had never worked in a mill before in my life, let alone a steel mill. It was all very new to me and my experience at Commercial Metals Company has been great. I was honestly a little nervous at first because of how dangerous the process of making steel and rebar is, but after being there day in and day out, I began to become more accustomed to the process of it and how things are run here at CMC. CMC truly values safety and their employees, and it shows because of how serious they are about it.

This past year and half for me was rough because all of my classes were moved online due to COVID. Coming into this internship I almost questioned my knowledge as a future safety professional because I felt I didn’t have enough experience. What I loved about this internship was just the opportunity to learn and grow as a safety professional, with all hands-on experience. My supervisor truly helped me to grow as a young safety professional and as a man in this company. He helped to show me the ropes and really helped me to grow my knowledge of steel.

Because of my experience here, I now have good connections in the industry and expanded my knowledge in the steel making process. The work environment here is truly special and I really felt at home. Working here showed me that I shouldn’t have doubted myself because there was a lot of things I knew that I didn’t realize I did. Overall, CMC has treated me very well and this internship turned out to be more than what I could have ever hoped for.