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Alicia C. Hawrylko – 2022 Steel Intern Scholar

My interest in the steel industry began with the teachings of my mentors Dr. Qing and Dr. Xu. I took a quick interest in material properties and the manufacturing processes. Through their guidance I was able to obtain my internship with Cleveland-Cliffs Butler Works, in Butler, Pa., USA. I was assigned to project engineering which provided the opportunity to build upon my existing skills and learn new ones as well.
The primary project I was assigned was to revitalize an equipment upgrade plan that was previously put on hold. The challenges this presented included learning the documentation process, obtaining up to date scheduling and cost estimates, and identifying mechanical, electrical, and piping installation needs. By collaborating with other engineers I was able to determine necessary equipment upgrades and the scope of work needed to complete the project. The process enhanced my communication and planning skills by requiring input from other engineering disciplines as well as suppliers. It has taught me the essential steps and investigative work that are required before any project can be approved and implemented.
I also had the opportunity to spend time in other departments around the plant during my internship. These site visits helped to provide insight into the day to day experiences of an engineer in a steel mill. I learned about the various processes involved in steel production and their impact on the quality of the final product. I was also able to learn about previous projects and engineered solutions. This will help me in my future career by being able to anticipate needs, think creatively in problem solving, and understand the impact every decision has on the quality of the steel we provide our customers.
I’d like to thank the Cleveland-Cliffs Butler Works project engineering team for guiding me through the duties and experiences of a project engineer, and ensuring I received an enriching experience with my internship. I would also like to thank AIST for the opportunity and continued support as I prepare to graduate this fall. I very much look forward to pursuing a career in steel and feel confident this internship has prepared me to do so.