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Antonio Oliver-Reynoso – 2022 Steel Intern Scholar

Experiencing the steel industry firsthand has left a deep mark in my heart. Life in the industry is synonymous with love for learning. It is caring for the smallest detail and trying to be better every day, which is the goal of a lifetime.
Ternium has left that mark on me this summer by being part of a leading company that offers products and services related to the steel industry, with more than 20,000 employees and a presence in Mexico, Guatemala, the U.S., Argentina and Brazil. At Ternium I have been able to meet enormously valuable people, who passionately do their work every day, using technological and scientific resources in the process of delivering a high-quality product with safety as a premise at every step of the way.
This summer, I interned as a process engineer for Ternium. I was carefully introduced to the plant by a patient, demanding and well-experienced tutor having as a fundamental challenge to understand the process of hot dip galvanizing used for commercial, automotive and industrial lines. As a process engineer, it is essential to understand the layout, components, process parameters, análisis de fallas en mantenimiento (AMEFs, or failure analysis in maintenance), quality standards and finally, areas of improvement.
My internship focused giving detailed follow-up to the sensory integration of the operational staff process through the implementation, monitoring and debugging of the process checklists, where there is an exhaustive communication channel to have an expeditious intervention in situations with maintenance personnel as well as other stakeholders of the process are involved.
The best thing about it is that challenges are for you every day and the only question that fits is: Are you up to the task?