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Northern Member Chapter Scholarships

The Northern Local Member Chapter administers two (2) separate scholarships. Each scholarship requires a separate application form.

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Northern Chapter College


1 year

$2,000 CAD

Engineering or Non-Engineering Student

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Northern Chapter University


1 year

$2,000 CAD

Engineering or Non-Engineering Student

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The objective of the Northern Chapter Scholarships is to reward and encourage Canadian students with scientific abilities to prepare for a career in engineering by providing financial support during attendance at a Canadian university andor college of higher education.


The Northern Chapter scholarship program will award a minimum of two (2) scholarships each year. One University Scholarship and one College Scholarship, valued at CAD$2000 each for one year. Scholarship recipients also receive a one-year complimentary Material Advantage student membership to AIST and will be invited to attend and bring a guest to two AIST Northern Chapter dinner meetings. Any candidate applying for a scholarship will only be eligible to win one of the aforementioned scholarships.


Students eligible to compete for the Scholarships must, at the time of application, be the children (natural, adopted or ward) of a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant who is a member, in good standing, of the Association for Iron & Steel Technology, or an AIST Student Member through the Material Advantage Student Program who lives in, or attends a university or college in the AIST Northern Member Chapter area. The student must also be accepted in an eligible full-time course as an undergraduate or graduate student, at an accredited Canadian university and/or college studying engineering, technical program, technician, or technologist. If there is no engineering applicant, the award will be made to an eligible student studying chemistry, geology, mathematics or physics. Consideration will be given to extracurricular activities. 


The scholarship winner is selected by the AIST Northern Member Chapter Scholarship Committee. The decision of the committee is final.


  1. The scholarship must be used at an accredited university and/or college.

  2. The student must start the course of study at the university and/or college in the fall of the same year that the Scholarship is awarded.

  3. The AIST Northern Chapter will forward the scholarship stipend, as a lump sum, to the student.

  4. In cases where the student’s studies or admission are delayed or interrupted for any reason, the Secretary must be advised immediately, and may result in forfeiture.

  5. The student is expected to complete the course of study or graduate in the major subject indicated on the Scholarship application form at one university or college. However, the student may transfer to another comparable eligible course of study and/or transfer to another university or college, subject to the approval of the Scholarship Award Committee and provided that the Northern Member Chapter Secretary is notified in writing, with a copy of the new offer of admission, prior to 1 July of the year of transfer.

Required Documents

  1. A current resume with work experience and any extracurricular activities, noting any leadership positions.

  2. A brief essay (1 to 2 pages) citing professional goals, explaining why you are interested in a career in the steel industry, and how your skills could be applied to the industry.

  3. One recommendation letter from a teacher, professor, guidance counselor, or academic advisor.

  4. Copy of current high school or college transcripts.

Application Forms

Return the application along with attachments by 30 June to:
Dave Nicol
AIST Northern Chapter Scholarships
Phone: +1.905-317-8711