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Administered by the AIST Ohio Valley Member Chapter, available to students who are dependents of Ohio Valley Member Chapter members or to student members pursuing an education in engineering, metallurgy, physical science, computer technology or an engineering technology field.


Up to US$2,500 scholarships will be awarded. The scholarships are renewable for a total scholarship of four years at $2,500 per year. Recipients are encouraged to re-apply each year.


The student must be the child (including step-children, adopted children or wards) of a member in good standing of the Ohio Valley Chapter of the AIST or a Student member in good standing. The student must be accepted into, planning to attend, or currently enrolled in an eligible, full-time curriculum at an accredited university or college. Degrees eligible for the AIST scholarship include: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering / Engineering Technology, Environmental Engineering / Sciences, Metallurgy, Physical Sciences, Computer Technology, Computer Programming, Information Systems Technology, Chemistry, Biology / Microbiology, Physics, Other Engineering-Related fields, or other related fields approved by the committee.


The scholarship committee of the Ohio Valley Chapter will review all scholarship applications, and will make the final determination of the winner or winners. Overall academic performance - especially achievement in mathematics and science - extra-curricular activities and the applicant’s essay shall be used to determine the scholarship winner or winners.  The scholarships are awarded without regard to gender, race, ethnicity, financial need or other socio-economic conditions.


  1. The scholarship must be used at an accredited college or university.

  2. The student must start the course of study at the university or college in the fall of the same year that the Scholarship is awarded. The student must achieve the standard required by the college or university for continuation as a degree candidate. It is the responsibility of the student to send an official transcript of grades for the entire academic year to the Ohio Valley Member Chapter Secretary as soon as the current term is completed, prior to July 1, for subsequent review by the Scholarship Award Committee.

  3. The AIST Foundation will forward the scholarship stipend, as a lump sum, to the college or university for deposit in the account of the student.

  4. In cases where the student’s studies or admission are delayed or interrupted for any reason, the Secretary must be advised immediately, and may result in forfeiture.

  5. The student is expected to complete the course of study or graduate in the major subject indicated on the Scholarship application form at one university or college. However, the student may transfer to another comparable eligible course of study and/or transfer to another university or college, subject to the approval of the Scholarship Award Committee and provided that the Ohio Valley Member Chapter Secretary is notified in writing, with a copy of the new offer of admission, prior to July 1 of the year of transfer.

Required Documents

  1. A current resume with work experience and any extracurricular activities, noting any leadership positions.

  2. A recommendation or evaluation from a Counselor, Teacher or Professor must be included with the application.

  3. A brief essay (1 to 2 pages) on one of the following topics: purpose in going to college, beneficial experience during the last two summers, most significant experiences and effect on future plans, accomplishments providing the greatest satisfaction, reason that he/she should be chosen as the recipient of this award.

  4. Copy of current high school or college transcripts.

Application Forms

Return the application along with attachments by 30 April to:
Philip Levin