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AIST Foundation Steel Intern Scholarships

Applications will be accepted for the 2025-2026 academic year from now through 14 October 2024.

The AIST Foundation offers up to Fifty (50) Steel Intern Scholarships valued at US$7,500 per year each, including the Premier Intern Scholarship valued at US$12,000 per year. These scholarships require a commitment to a paid summer internship at a North American steel producing company or steel-related company during the Summer of 2025. Internship may require temporary relocation. Undergraduate and graduate students may apply.

To qualify for a scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

  • I am a citizen of the United States, Canada or Mexico.

  • I am enrolled full-time in a four-year undergraduate or two-year graduate program at an accredited North American University.

  • At the time of application in October 2024, I am a university Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior. Applicants must have a minimum of one semester following the internship during the summer of 2025.

  • Graduate student applicants must be entering year one for the 2025-2026 academic year.

  • I  am majoring in engineering, engineering technology, computer science, data science, safety or industrial hygiene. 

  • I have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.

  • I am able and willing to relocate for the required internship, if necessary.

  • I have a strong interest in the iron and steel industry.

Required materials to be submitted with for your Steel Intern Scholarship application: 

All documents must be submitted in PDF, unprotected, format by 14 October 2024.

  • Application

  • Resume – Including current academic information, work, extra-curricular activities  and leadership positions, if applicable. Resume must be submitted in pdf format.

  • Essay – Not to exceed two pages in length, citing professional goals, why you are interested in a career in the steel industry, and how your skills could be applied to enhance the industry. Essay must include your name and be submitted in pdf format.

  • University Transcript - A current academic transcript or other documentation of academic standing and performance from a university. Official or Unofficial transcripts are accepted and must include the university and applicant name, and be submitted in unprotected, pdf format. The  Note: University Freshmen should provide High School Transcripts.

  • Recommendation Letter – A minimum of one (1) recommendation letter is required (maximum 5) from a professional who is familiar with the student’s work and/or interests. Letters must be submitted by the author to

  Note: High school seniors are not eligible.  
Enter Month/Year
  Note: First-year students please use your high school GPA.  
  (Freshman use High School Transcripts)  
Recommendation Letters: Submit a minimum of one (1) recommendation letter from a professional who is familiar with your work and/or interests. Letters should be submitted by the author directly to  
Is there a Material Advantage Student Program chapter at your university?  

If you are an officer of the MA Student Program chapter, what position do you hold?  

Criteria Confirmation
  • I meet all the criteria listed at the top of the application.
  • I am a citizen of the United States of America, Canada, or Mexico.
  • I commit to a summer internship at a steel company or steel-related company and understand a satisfactory internship performance review and maintained GPA are necessary to qualify for the monetary portion of this scholarship.
  • I am able and understand I may need to temporarily relocate for the internship.
  • I give permission to disclose my application for prospective employment to steel producer or industry supplier companies in North America.
  • In the event I am selected as a recipient of a scholarship, I give permission to AIST to publish my name and photograph.
  • I understand I may be contacted by telephone for a pre-selection interview at the discretion of the AIST Foundation.
  • I understand acceptance of an internship at a non-steel related company, or rescinding an accepted offer of internship from within the program, will disqualify me from receiving  a Steel Intern Scholarship.

Privacy Statement Agreement:  

All scholarships and grants are awarded in accordance with AIST Foundation’s policies, which may be amended from time to time, and are subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees.  Scholarships and grants are awarded subject to availability and funding and AIST Foundation reserves the right to withdraw or amend any listed scholarship or grant without prior notification.  Scholarships and grants may be suspended or revoked at any time at the Board’s discretion.  In no event shall the AIST Foundation or the Board of Trustees be liable for any claim or cost associated with suspending or revoking any scholarship or grant.  All decisions by the Board shall be final and may not be appealed.